The Players Club - Basketball

5 Sports. 25 Balls. 75 potential points.
Any athlete can shoot a basket, but how many shots can you make when you've got your friends heckling in your ear?


Anybody can master one sport. It takes a champion to do them all.
Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Archery: you've got three chances each, but the clock is ticking.


Three chances to get a ball over the water, onto the green, and as close to the hole as possible on Bali Hai's beautiful 18th hole.
When some of your competitors are vying for the Senior PGA tour, this gentlemen's game becomes anything but gentle.

Go Karts

The most dangerous event of them all: these karts go 42 miles an hour.
Your time over 5 laps determine whether you make the final race. If you do, it's every man for himself.


The final event, where each player's chips will be determined by their performance in the events before, and only one can win.
No limits. No Mercy. You win or you go home empty.